About us

Kadella Diamonds Mission Statement:

Our mission as a private boutique jeweler is to listen, educate and deliver beyond our customers expectations. With every creation, we strive to build relationships that will carry us for future generations while maintaining integrity, honesty and the highest industry standards.

We aspire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while offering a competitive price. Patience, expertise and a relaxed atmosphere is key in our success. We remain focused and dedicated to our customers vision while bringing it to fruition.

Kadella Diamonds History:

Joseph Delgado, President of Kadella Diamonds, was born and raised in a challenged neighborhood of the South Bronx in New York City. He started out in the diamond business over 25 years ago delivering diamonds from dealer to dealer at the young age of 17. During his early years, he was fortunate to learn the diamond business from people with long histories in the industry who mentored him and saw something special in him. Joseph possessed a love for the diamond industry, but also appreciated a diamonds' beauty and the power it held. Joseph's work experience led him to one of the largest and most reputable companies within the industry, M. Fabrikant, & Sons, in New York City, where he worked diligently to move up within the company to reach the position of Diamond Buyer.

Through his travels in Israel, Belgium and India to purchase diamonds, Joseph made many connections within the industry and learned all facets of the business. In 2008, he felt it was time to venture out on his own and opened Kadella Diamonds in New York City. He lives in New York with his lovely wife and three beautiful daughters.

Joseph Delgado -

"I am very passionate about what I do. I love to build beautiful pieces of jewelry for my clients and witness the joy in their faces when they see the finished product for the first time. I especially love when it's an engagement ring…it's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of something much larger. I used to ask myself 'what am I doing to help the world?', and I realized that I was an important part of the first steps of a couple starting a life together. Diamonds are beautiful treasures that can be passed down from generation to generation and mark something wonderful."

Christine Ness -

Christine grew up in Brooklyn, NY and has lived and worked in NYC her whole life. Since 1985, she has worked in New York City’s famed Diamond District, buying and selling some the world's most magnificent Gem Stones. In 1993, her decision to focus her career on the finest quality certified diamonds led her to further educate herself attending the Gemological Institute of America. During her 20 year tenure at one of the oldest and largest wholesale diamond companies M. Fabrikant and Sons, she traveled the world to all the major diamond trading centers including: Tel Aviv, Antwerp, London, and Bombay to purchase these long-time symbols of love. Today she utilizes her knowledge in this field at Kadella Diamonds by educating others on the intricacies of making this very special purchase and is available to assist you with all your jewelry needs.

Kadella's Services

From selecting classic diamond studs to designing a one-of-kind diamond and sapphire engagement ring, Kadella offers personalized service and brings together the highest quality materials and jewelry designers.

Loose Diamonds

With almost three decades of experience buying diamonds, Kadella is a trusted source for quality diamonds. Kadella has thousands of loose diamonds at its fingertips and can find the perfect stones to fit any style and budget. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring diamond or need to replace a stone on a priceless eternity band, Kadella will walk you through the process of how to select a gorgeous diamond.

Jewelry Enhancement

Kadella works with clients to update all kinds of jewelry with a new look, enhance pieces with larger stones or replace parts of jewelry that were lost over the years. Kadella turns old pieces into stunning new jewelry that will be passed down for generations.

Custom Work

Most of Kadella's jewelry is custom, one-of-kind pieces that are hand-crafted and designed by the finest jewelers. Kadella works closely with clients to bring each vision to life. Kadella also sells its own collection of finished jewelry.